loafer love.

1. Kiera Bow Loafers, Topshop
2. Bass Washington Tassled Loafers, ASOS
3. French Connection Kenny Loafers, ASOS
4. Kasper Fringe Chain Loafers, Topshop
5. May Snaffle Trim Loafers, Topshop
6. Bass Wayfarer Classic Loafers, ASOS

If flats just don’t cut it for you anymore, if brogues make you feel a little too hipster and you’re waiting for the right moment to pull out those sandals for summer, then maybe you need a pair of loafers to keep you occupied in the interim. Just the right balance between feminine prim and proper and chic masculine dressing, loafers go with your skirts, dresses, shorts and pants, all year round. I love the way they play down a girly dress or skirt and add this man-ly twist. I couldn’t actually see any other flat shoe fitting so well with Alexa Chung or Kirsten Dunst’s outfits. That’s just the beauty of the loafer. You don’t quite know why you’re so attracted to it but once you put it on it just works its magic.

For you lovely people who don’t have the time or patience to shop or maybe you’re like me and just disappointed by the what the retailers are bringing out, I’ve compiled a selection of my top black loafers for the season from our favourite e-tailers, ASOS and Topshop. Enjoy!

 Uni is slowly drawing to a close (I’ve finished my classes for the year, just two more exams) – good luck to anyone with exams and assignments. Not too much longer to go!


  1. amazing shoes and well olivia palermo looks so beauty in that shoes

  2. Lovelove the loafers I purchased some really cute Italian vintage ones only for $35 at the markets!