mary & marie.

If you're like me you look for practicality in a bag. Which is why my Longchamp tote follows me everywhere. Because not all of us can afford a PS1 or Chanel 2.55 and live the life of endless shopping and coffee dates. Juggling uni, work and interning means you need something versatile, functional and still stylish. Enter Mary & Marie. Everything you could possibly want in a bag, these girls have thought of. It's a multipurpose, all in one beach, uni, overnight, gym, shopping tote. You hate it when it rains and your readers get wet? It's waterproof. You take it to the beach and you get sand in it? It has removable lining. You spend ages rummaging through your bag looking for your keys. It has a key clip. It also has a clear compartment for your essentials (or your wet swimmers) and a water bottle. What else could you want in a bag?

I'm loving the look of their campaign images. An effortless, carefree summer. I'm two days off from finishing uni and having a four month break. These pics make me want to skip town, ditch my exam, and go road trippin' down up the coast. Almost free!
Images from The Wonderland

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