I would be lying if I told you Tato & Memi were the only label I fell in love with that night at the showings a few weeks ago. Pictured is Ashleigh from Tailormaid sporting some serious bling from DALLASANDCARLOS (as was chief maid Sally). I was so in love by the following day I had emailed Sally for all the details and within a week I had nabbed an alphabet letter necklace

DALLASANDCARLOS are an Australian label fronted by Katherine Etheridge and Jesssica Constance. Known best for their signature alphabet necklace (which now also comes in rings and bracelets), the girls' latest collection, S/S 2012 DEATH VALLEY, is a unique take on costume jewellery. The collection is a cross between fine jewellery and DIY elements with hand-died Brazillian stone skull and rat pendants on delicate chains, Italian nappa leather cuffs and cotton plaited bracelets. The skulls and rats give it a 'Day of the Dead' feel, but in wearable jewellery form. Sounds cool? The inspiration comes from the design duo's journey from northern Brazil to sunny southern California which you get immediately after seeing the Americana vibe of their campaign. 

I was lucky enough to have a quick q&a session with the designers, Katherine and Jessica...

How did DALLASANDCARLOS come about?
We (Jessica and Katherine) are old friends from school. We met up a few years ago when we were both living in Brazil. We found some amazing materials that inspired us to start creating samples for our first collection.

Where did the name come from?
When we first started the label, we were both living in apartments in an island in the South of Brazil called Florianopolis. Katherine was living in an apartment named “dallas” and Jessica was in an apartment called “carlos”. Each day we would call each other & say “whats’s up in dallas?” and “what’s up in carlos?”- that’s how the name came about. 
What has been the highlight of your design careers so far?
Being able to travel to the places we’ve been and experience what we have while always being on the job.

What is your favourite piece from S/S collection and what do you love to style it with?
Jessica: django rat ring in silver & pedro skull wish bracelet in black & gold. I love layering them with everything depending on the outfit.
Katherine: django skull ring, django bracelet, & hugo rat necklacelayering lots of them together with basics and jeans or wearing a more statement piece on its own at night.
What’s your top accessorising tip?
Don’t be afraid to wear gold & silver together, layering, wearing all bracelets on one hand and flashes of colour.

What’s in store for Dallas and Carlos in the future?
... Russia, Bulgaria,  Bolivia & beyond.... Stay tuned... xx



  1. I'm in love with that letter necklace! It's chic but still playful.

  2. i fell in love with these alphabet necklaces too.
    they're so cute. i'm yet to get one though. i'm also loving the cuff.
    okay, i think i really need to look into this some more. x.

  3. ps. it took me so long to be able to style my hair anything close to lauren conrad's perfect waves. i studied her tutorial on beach waves, i think it was, on her website 'the beauty department' and i'd say i'm pretty much there. it's really helpful. so good luck! x.

  4. I love these designs. Its lovely to read Blogs from Australian Girls, as they are always so inspirational! I love the cuff the most it reminds me of 90s Moschino. xxx