miranda kerr x terry richardson.

She's probably the most talked about woman on the planet, and rightfully so. Miranda Kerr just keeps getter better and better. Is childbirth really that life changing? Because I'm feeling more and more convinced. Just when you think Miranda is at the top of her game, she goes one up and outdoes herself. I love her mini shoot with Terry Richardson - his images are always so candid and natural, yet they capture the raw beauty of the subject. They're always a little playful/ cheeky as well (think of him as a less controversial Tyler Shields). Miranda looks like she's straight out of the 50's with the short wig on - Stockard Channing as Rizzo in Grease anyone? And the signature Terry Richardson glasses shots are always my favourite.

On the topic of Miranda Kerr, she's taken on the role as my inspiration for the summer - after seeing her plastered on the cover of Grazia a few weeks ago in no more than a swimsuit, it's made me feel more than guilty about the amount of McDonalds I eat and the gym membership which goes untouched. Now that uni is finished I have no excuses. Every time I think about my lunch choices I say to myself 'What would Miranda do?' No joke. This summer exercising and eating well is the key to happiness. And a model physique. Let's see how long this lasts. 


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  2. That first photo is sooo cute!

    PS That girl above me that commented is such a massive spammer, I've seen her comments everywhere she gets like 500 comments on her posts because she just spams EVERYone

    -Laura x

  3. Haven't commented on your posts for a while, bad blogger!! But yeah, Miranda is flawless. The fact that you can have a child and come out looking BETTER and HOTTER, is amazing to me.

    And LOL Laura (^^^), yes!

    Grace x