taylor tomasi hill for the block.

source: Fashion Gone Rogue, The Block

Did you double take? No you're not mistaken, this is indeed the one and only Taylor Tomasi Hill featuring in her debut editorial shot by Tetsuharu Kubota for The Block's A/W issue. We're so used to seeing au natural, candid Taylor in out and about in her natural environment (why fashion week of course) prancing between shows, but she's put that to one side and turned on model mode. This is the first time she's ever stepped in front of the camera professionally and I am impressed. She's clearly a natural, switching between the over the shoulder stare, the right down the lens stare and the soft look away from the camera. Don't forget the hand on the hip (her arm looks ridiculously thin) - she looks amazing in that Marchesa with her super skinny pins revealed underneath the structured petticoat. 

I'm probably not the first person to say this (in fact I know Hannah from Capture the Castle pointed this out a little while ago), but the accessories director for Marie Claire seems to be lacking in that department lately which isn't a bad thing at all. Sometimes a statement armour cuff or band ring is all you need, especially when you're wearing something as loud as an embellished one sleeve Dries van Noten shirt (to die for!) or a lace blush Valentino gown. And what about her fiery mane? I love the effortless hair styling, they kept it simple and untouched. Who needs a statement anything when you've got hair like that?

The Emilio Pucci shot is my favourite with the open back and the bead embellishments on the dress. But that piercing stare, it's haunting and mysterious. Like she has something bottled inside that she wants to tell us. I just can't stop looking at it.

"I’m often asked this very question and my reply is always the same: stay true to yourself. I think it’s also important for women to try new things. Don’t be afraid to try on something that doesn’t scream at you. I recently did, and it was well worth it." - Taylor Tomasi Hill for The Block


  1. Ooo this really makes me want to dye my hair a bit redder. Totally gorgeous looks in these pictures - especially the last one, but I also love that green jacket thing!