lanvin compense.

Images from ssense

While I'm hopeless when it comes to shoes and jewellery (I promise I'm learning), as soon as I saw these Lanvin heels, my heart stopped. Now this is some serious shoe porn. I could certainly learn to love (and endure) wearing these heels, despite the fact they look incredibly painful to walk in. They'd probably spend more time in my room sitting there, unworn looking pretty rather than being on.

I'm immediately drawn to the gold detail of the heel, especially the cut out wedge. From the back it's geometric, almost mirror like. It's a little on the edgier side (and somewhat impractical - not sure how much support this actually gives your feet) but the ankle straps bring them back to the feminine. I love ankle straps, on heels, on flats (hello Chloe) and wedges. There's just something about the ankle and that area that is to be desired. Why do you think everyone loves cuffing their jeans/ pants. Ankle straps are just the best, they keep your foot in your shoe whilst  elongating the legs  - functional and stylish. Double whammy!

And for the sweet price of $1490, these babies can be yours. But you'll be living off mi goreng for a long while.