sheer sexy.

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I'm not quite sure what exactly intrigues me to the sheer skirt look but I am entranced Lanvin's latest S/S collection. I know we've already seen a similar look from Gucci Fall RTW 2011 (which has really started making the rounds on covers and editorials only in the last few months) but the whole mood/ feel of the garment is totally different. For one, the material is not the same, I love the way it drapes over the shoulders and the bust, drawn together at the waist by a belt, then falls to a sheer, light knee length skirt. 

There's something a little dark and mysterious about this collection (and certainly the staging and lighting) and yet these dresses are extremely feminine. Alber Ebaz has found this harmony between soft and heavy, darkness and light. These women are confident, fierce, command respect and power without the shoulder pads and boxy suits. I really love the contrast between the harsh black under garment visible through the free-flowing, sheer fabric. It's like 'I'm a little risqué, a little dangerous, but I still know how to act like graceful, well-behaved woman.' Sort of pushing the boundary but knowing when to pull back. But don't expect me to condone this look if it's picked up by the masses (the mini skirt under the sheer maxi sneaking its way into everyday wear) - it's something that has to be executed tastefully. And at this point tasteful, being Lanvin and Gucci, has an extremely high standard.