heartthrob shirt.

Source: SW Staff Style File.

Ta-da, my 'first' feature. I was lucky enough (being an intern) to be asked to take part in the SW Staff Style File (monthly personal outfit posts styled with SW jewels) and here's the end result. It felt kind of awkward for me to be wearing so much jewellery, let alone being all mismatched with the silver, gunmetal, asphalt and turquoise - somehow it works. Just goes to show I a) know nothing about accessorising b) sometimes things might look a little out of place but when you step back it's actually quite beautiful. That's the thing about layering bracelets - the fact that each piece on your wrist is so different and there's no particular style or colour. But that's what adds to its aesthetic.

Speaking of outfit posts, how is it that when I wear my heartthrob shirt, I look (and feel) nothing like these girls? In my defence, it's very much a summer shirt and clearly the weather isn't working in my favour. I keep telling myself all I need are a pair of white shorts and low cut Converse and I'll look as chic as Sabrina. That awkward moment when you realise that dress/ top/ bottom that looked so amazing on the model/ someone else you just had to buy it and it turns out looking like a potato sack on you? Yeah, happens to me all the time.