black and white.

Source: Zimbio

Miranda Kerr knows how to dress for success. Black + white is a fail safe combination no matter the occasion or season. Miranda's pulled this look off flawlessly all in the span of a week, each time a little different than the other (oh hey leather saddle bag, I see you). It's so refreshing to see someone sport the very simple yet effective b&w option in a sea of colour, lace and eclectic prints at Paris Fashion Week. I'm taking a leaf out of Miranda's book. A classic white shirt, black skinnies, black pumps, black blazer, coloured flats, white tee, sunnies and a black leather bag means endless outfit combination all year round.  Just goes to show a little goes a long way (then again it is Miranda Kerr).  Speaking of which, it's hard to believe she had a baby only months earlier and now she's back and looking better than ever. She makes maternity, childbirth and post childbirth look far too easy. 


  1. Mirandas style is pretty awesome! So classy! I adore the blouse on the left, it's so chic :) x

  2. Love that style, so pretty xx