bad habit.

Source: Nobody Knows Marc

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw this image. Confession time (and this might gross you out) - but I'm a nail biter. There, I said it. Have been this way my whole life. Don't ask me why because I honestly have no clue as to how this bad habit came about (probably because I was bored) or that I should try applying that off tasting nail polish - unfortunately the will to eat normal tasting food outweighed my will to stop biting (the polish transferred onto any food I ate with my fingers). So you can understand why this picture gave me comfort. A model... who walked for Fendi... bites her nails. The type of girl we've always secretly wished we could be. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there.

Of course I know what I'm missing out on. No nail polish collection or manicures (hey, one less thing to worry about?), they're perfect for playing guitar and piano and I can tap away on my iPhone like nobody's business. Hopefully it's just a habit that I'll grow out of one day. Can I grow out of something I've been subconsciously doing for the past sixteen years? Is there a possibility someone in the fashion world thinks this could become a trend? Yeah... right. 


  1. I've now read every post on your blog and I've got to say, as a semi-reformed nail baiter (i'm almost there), I understand how much of a big deal this confession is and how much it means to see a model with the same problem. I've been a nail biter since i was really young and I have no idea how I started, but I've always wanted to stop. About October last year (2011), I just decided I would. I now have nice nails 90% of the time. Sometimes I slip up but mostly they are long and even. My advice is to keep trying to grow them but keep a nail file or clippers handy so you dont have the urge to bite when they are long or uneven. And every time you find your hand in your mouth, just think about why its there. Good Luck! and sorry for the essay!