W W W x T H E C O V E T E U R

How could you not want to wake up in the morning and come to work in an office like this? It's absolute fashion and interior design heaven. Not to mention they work off Macs. I have this impression that people in the fashion industry somehow have this flair for interior decorating. Am I right to say that? Just have a look at the Coveteur and any 'my home' mag. Everything looks divine, in place and perfectly thought out. And there's a coherent and consistent aesthetic that runs through the whole area (I sound shocked, but you should see my house... it's a mess). I love that hardcover fashion books serve as bookshelf and coffee table decoration but I wonder if anybody actually reads them? That's the thing - these places look incredible yet probably impossible to work/ live in (I'm sure most of it is staged). But where does the mess go? Where is everything stored? Or are fashion people so pedantic that they keep things in order 24/7?