Images from Style.com, Tumblr

Would I ever give a bad wrap to Acne? Nope, probably not. So you can only assume I have good things to say about Johnny Johansson's latest collection. I'm really intrigued by the colour palette - it's bright and bold but not your typical colour blocking shades (olive green, tree bark brown, sea foam blue). I absolutely love the striking black + white + colour combo, it really makes for a dynamic, strong look. It's like the three pieces are fighting for the spotlight but you can't decide which one speaks the most to you (it's like trying to choose between your favourite child). You're drawn to the colour, but then the harsh white pops out at you from behind the black. Definitely one to try at home if you're a little on the conservative side of the colour block trend.

And these silhouettes? A perfect meld of the masculine-feminine. The structure of the jackets around the shoulders that become full of movement at the waist. The fitted waistband which flows to a full skirt or loose wide leg pants (although I couldn't wear them because I'm so short I'd look like a clown). And finally, the shoes. Flat heeled male-esque dress shoes with heel. What? It's like the best of both worlds.