1 - 4: Street FSN5 - 6: Tommy Ton for Style.com

My Twitter timeline, Facebook news feed and blogger updates are full of NYFW related posts and I have to say every post is killing me little by little. I'm not sure how much longer I can last. I haven't even begun looking at show reviews and collection overviews - I think the candids speak enough for themselves: of fast furious fabulous New York fashion. It's a little glimpse into the life of people who take fashion as more than a mode of expression. These people live in a different world, the rules and dress codes are far more serious and do not go unnoticed. NYFW is a culmination of hard work, stress, determination and preparation. The fashion world is on show, on and off the runway. 

I've always been a big dreamer and NYC has long been my destination of choice. I could see myself living in an apartment overlooking Central Park with a giant wardrobe full of designer things, being invited to events and launches (or more likely working at them/ organising them), shopping at Sak's on the weekends with my girlfriends, taking morning jogs. Call me cliche but I have a gut feeling New York is where I belong (not that I've ever been there). I like the idea of a city brimming with vibrancy, culture and colour - a place where the energy is on 24/7. Maybe one day I'll be snapped by Tommy Ton or Phil Oh. That will be my gauge of success.