Oh my gosh how adorable is she? If you're not already familiar with this lovely little face, this is Aila, the one year old niece of Alexander Wang. Yes that is a 2.55 Chanel. And she is indeed sporting creepers. Gosh this girl is more stylish than me and she hasn't even lost all her baby teeth. This makes me want to have my own kid and dress him/ her up like a mini fashionista. If this is Aila at age 1, image what she'll be like at 21? Probably hitting up all the style spotting/ best dressed lists. Imagine if you were related to Alexander Wang. Or Marc Jacobs. Or some insanely talented designer. So many perks.


  1. I'm pretty sure my friend Jess took that top photo and I know she'd appreciate the credit: http://tuulavintage.blogspot.com/