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Wasn't sure where to begin with NYFW coverage but I think 3.1 Phillip Lim is a good start. I could not resist blogging about this collection the moment I saw it. I love the mix of sorbets and pastels, the silks and the draping of the garments. The collection is inspired by Lim's childhood and his memory of kites which I think is so evident when you see the movement of these pieces down the runway. I love the mix between the feminine tailoring of the jackets and the masculine slouch of the pants and singlets. It's like a breath of fresh air (which is what any spring collection should evoke), makes me feel light and relaxed and ready to take on spring.

I finally found my way to engage with all these runway shows. Sure I can read reviews and browse through slideshows, but a video with the collection walking down the runway and an interview with the designer about their inspiration bring all the elements together nicely. I spent all morning in bed watching style's coverage of NYFW. Do it. Seriously addictive.

I've been stuck at home for the last three days (sick again I know) with food poisoning. So the lesson learnt is don't ever trust me to prepare you a frozen meal, let alone a cooked one because you'll have many days of suffering. Who would have thought such a small block of lasagne could cause so much trouble? On the upside, I've gained plenty of rest, got all my uni work done, probably lost a bit of weight and didn't have to spend money on food.

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