Need Supply Co. dress, Cue sleeveless blazer, Steve Madden heels, Claire Vivier clutch, House of Harlow necklace, Samantha Wills cuff.

You can tell I'm a perfectionist because I spent over a week working on these photos (well it could have been less if I did have mid sems this week). Taken by my lovely boy of course (I had to do some convincing, he was so tired after the reception that when we got home we just wanted to crash), but perfect timing as the sun was setting. He's definitely getting a hang of this fashion photography shots moreso than me trying to pose gracefully.

This was my outfit for my very first wedding which was gorgeous by the way. I can see why everyone loves weddings, it's so joyous, beautiful and utterly romantic. I had my makeup and hair done, I went all out because I love getting dressed up (if I could afford my own makeup and hair stylist, I would have one everyday) and I really wanted to make a good impression because it was the first time I was meeting Jack's relatives

I pulled this outfit together a couple of days before - I could not find a dress for the life of me and this cute little frock (in my favourite colour) appeared on Need Supply Co. The heels took me on an epic hunt (as some of you may know I've wanted these Grettta's for ages). Long story short, Steve Madden AUS weren't getting them for another few months and Steve Madden US wouldn't ship to Australia but after some googling I found them on shoes.com. And sure enough it was a perfect fit. They add an extra few centimetres to my short stature and as crazy as it sounds, they are super comfortable. 

On a side note, last week was hectic. Waking up early to get to uni by 8 and leaving at 8pm and then being too tired to study with two exams. I'm still trying to recover. I hate Mondays.