the haul.

I love birthdays specifically for the presents. Not the ones given from others (though they are always well received), but because it's the perfect excuse/ guise to treat. yo. self. (It's the best day of the year!) A little something to congratulate yourself for surviving yet another year in one piece and because no can ever question the price tag of your purchases. I tend to go a little overboard with the self gift giving, particularly this time around where I figured I owed it to myself to buy a complete outfit. It initially started out with the Skin 5's (which are my new favourite denim cut, any shorties out there go get yourself a pair). After some good time spent on the Acne online store I had my heart set on the classic bomber which Jack kindly bought for me and the watercolour tank. The Wang shoes I had stumbled upon on Sincerely Jules (bad idea) and I loved the fact it had ankle straps and a thick but short heel. Now I'm just dealing with the fact that I'm 22 and Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss just turned 21. What am I doing with my life!


  1. Okay I am seriously seriously seriously obsessed with this haul. Everything that you've bought is so perfect and I am sort of writhing with jealousy right now! The shoes are to die for and I can imagine you wearing all of these new pieces at the same time and looking hot as hell.
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

  2. amazing haul! you did well this birthday. love love love those shoes x

  3. Loooooove this! So jelly of all your new stuff. I know, I still can't believe Cara only just turned 21!

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  4. Birthdays are always the perfect excuse! I'm so jelly over those heels, couldn't get them out of my head after seeing them on Jules. So perfect for summer!

    x karen

  5. Birthdays are definitely the best time for guilt-less self gifting :D So excited that mine is coming up. Amazing spread you've got here! - Those Alexander Wang shoes are ridic! xx