karen walker forever.

One look and you'd know this came from genius Karen Walker and her signature eyewear range. Following on from the now iconic campaign featuring the young at heart, the second second chapter of the collection shot by Derek Henderson features four adorable, fashion forward, bug-eyed wide eyed kids aged three to five  sporting Walker's iconic designs in futuristic, bold shapes, and new colours. 

Walker says, "Kids and mature women are world's apart in age but this group share a thread of optimism and happiness." Encapsulating unbridled youthfulness, idealism and enthusiasm for today and the tomorrows that lie ahead, the refreshing campaign brings back the element of fun and a sense of whimsy that much of the fashion world often forgets about. 

Damn, these kids have some serious style. If only I looked half as cool as these little ones when I was still learning my alphabet and times tables. Karen Walker's eyewear range will be in store early next month.