as you are.

I've been obsessed with the Sono Mama tee ever since I saw Nina Garcia unexpectedly repping it on Project Runway (yes it is still airing and very much my guilty pleasure) a few episodes back. It brought a sense of youthfulness and understated chic I never knew she had in her. Though classified a tee, there's nothing plain about it - the jewelled neckline, mesh sleeves, low v neck, a completely mesh back and of course the crowning crest which looks part biker gang, part fraternity. Sono Mama is actually Japanese for as you are. I thought imaginary gang name at first but this is much more meaningful and in an obscure way. I put together a little polished grunge look with the leather, distressed denim and mesh contrasting with silver hardware, pointed flats and that Sarah & Sebastian headpiece. Get it all on my body now.