california here we come.

The O.C. celebrated its 10th anniversary this week (apparently it was a decade ago I sneakily managed to watch a majority of the pilot in between my mum walking in and out of the lounge room) and I thought it necessary to dedicate my first style post in a long time to the show that had such a profound impact on my adolescence. You might laugh (although I'd like to think I'm not the only one out there) but I grew up watching this show religiously, pining for the American high school/ college experience that I was deprived of. Not to mention my very own Seth Cohen (who would be willing to declare his love for me standing on a coffee cart) because I like to think of myself as a Summer Roberts type #spiritanimal. And let's not start on those O.C. mixes. I owe much of my taste in music to those soundtracks. You get the gist. I was devastated when this show ended. I secretly hope one day someone will think to resurrect it (like they did with 90210 and Degrassi) and I'd watch it no matter how bad it is.

I feel like I'm channeling some serious Cali vibes - a little Coachella (though you'd never dare wear all white to a festival in the desert) meets Venice Beach cool, very much inspired by my blogger of the moment The Native Fox. Can you believe I actually found something from Zara worth purchasing? Sorry guys, it was from Shanghai. I had grand plans to go on a Zara spree while I was in China but that backfired because it was sale period the entire month I was there besides a little lone new collection rack in the corner. And meet my perfect denim jacket in the perfect wash (no that's what it's called). It's pieces like this jacket and my boots that make rag & bone one of my all time favourite labels. 

Zara top, J Brand jeans, rag & bone denim jacket and boots, Lack of Color hat.

Photos by Uppy Cee


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I especially love white teamed with denim it's such a classy look while still being casual :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Damnnnnn, you look stunning in these photos! The all white look with the denim is amazing.

    Seth & Summer were definitely my favourite combo. I've always dreamed of finding my own Seth Cohen too, just to have someone to have witty repartee with haha

    x karen

  3. you look amazing! I love all white outfits. I absolutely loved the oc too, I always wanted a relationship like ryan and marissa's (although hopefully less tumultuous) x

  4. Wow cannot believe it has been a decade since the OC started. Love the crisp Cali vibes. Gorgeous Rag & Bone investments too. Killer denim jacket.

    Christie x