she & him.

Jack wears: Marcs tee and pants, Topshop loafers, Rayban sunglasses.

The other week I decided to drop some dollars while killing time until Jack finished uni and found myself gravitating to some familiar looking pieces. I then realise that this was the exact same combination that I had suggested Jack to nab from the Marcs a few months before. Which lead me to the question. Who came first? The chicken or the egg? Whose style had influenced who? Had Jack convinced me with his perfect execution of this staple look? Or had I always wanted to pull off navy chinos (which are the most underrated item of clothing for women. Go get yourself a pair now) but at the time thought I couldn't do it myself so I played dress ups with Jack. These are the questions that keep me up at night.

I am proud to say I have had quite an impact on Jack's personal style journey. In the two years we've been together, he went from not caring at all to calling Ryan Gosling his style icon, making references to his #ootd, owning the entire Marcs store and dreaming up his ideal bespoke suit. But he's reached the point where he's a fully fledged fashion-mister. I promise we're not one of those couples who are grossly matchy matchy. (On a side note, our amazing photographer Devon wore a striped shirt too and we had one hilarious comment from a passerby and some strange looks at breakfast #stripethursday). I simply wanted to make a comment of how intertwined our wardrobe choices are and to welcome him into my little bubble of blogging. I'm actually surprised he even agreed to it in the first place*.

We were lucky enough to have the super talented Devon from New Zealand behind the lens. Devon's actually best friends with Uppy (a regular contributor on the blog) and visits Australia almost every summer. I love that Dev managed to capture the candid, relaxed look I envisaged (brief was engagement shoot sans the actual engagement). But seriously if anyone needs a photographer in the Auckland area for your parties, weddings or just for funsies, go hunt her down ASAP.

Photography and editing by Devon Hanna.

*His specific t's & c's are that I'm not allowed to tag him on any social media in any way, shape or form. Since when does being in a photoshoot with your girlfriend emasculate you? Haha. 


  1. you two are too cute! I'm amazed you've turned your boyfriend into someone who cares about fashion, after 10 years with my fiance he still dresses the same as he did when we were teenagers!

    love the sportsgirl striped tee x

  2. Too cute! I've been with my boy for four years and still hoping that one day he'll get into vintage :p Your styles definitely match each other - casual, preppy, and also very put together :)


  3. Must have that shirt, so cute!!