come around sundown.

Vintage Mickey tee (from Ela Hawke Vintage), Ksubi vest, UNIF.M shorts, Valley Eyewear x A Dead Coffin Club sunglasses, Sportsgirl beanie, Molten Store necklace.

They don't call it magic hour for nothing. Though sundown comes and goes within a matter of minutes,  if you get your timing right (along with two incred photographers who know their way around a camera) you get some pretty flattering lighting (reflections of the sky the lens of sunglasses was necessary) and I must say it gives my skin a healthy glow. 

Yes I am carrying a boombox in the second photo a-la John Cusack in Say Anything. Those things are actually quite heavy. Not sure how you can hold that thing up in the air for long periods of time. Props to you young Cusack. After shooting something typically girly, pink hues and all, I opted for a tougher look calling upon my ever faithful denim + leather combo but with a slight retro slash thug slash boyish charm. To tell you the truth this is probably what I feel most comfortable in. Relaxed leather shorts and an oversized vest with an equally oversized tee featuring an appearance from my favourite mouses that go by the name of Mickey and Minnie. And one again for the umteenth time, headwear. I will probably march right back to Sportsgirl tomorrow to buy myself another one of these slouch beanies. Take my word for it.

Photos by Devon Hanna & Uppy Cee
PS. Devon please move to Sydney. Kthnx. 


  1. freaking love these photos. and your tee. and your vest. and your beanie :)

  2. These photos are definitely magic. Especially the last one.
    So effortlessly cool. I want this whole outfit. Even the boombox.