bali photo diary part one.

1 / Upgraded to a little slice of paradise at the Ubud Resort Hotel & Spa.  
2/ Ingredients laid out in prep for our Indonesian feast at Lobong Cooking
3/ Consuming our daily mocktails/ juices featuring our matching bracelets.
 4/ A statue made entirely out of rice. We spent a good amount of our time surrounded by rice fields and still have no idea how rice is actually made. 
5/ Biking around the island of Gili Trawangan repping Nike. 
6/ Too many eateries to try in such a short amount of time that we ended up having multiple dinners. Entree sized calamari at Sea Circus. 
7/ Sunset from WooBar at the W Hotel. 
8/ Quad biking through the rice fields. Yes I crashed one of these into a banana tree. 
9/ Bon Voyage Gili T! Chucking peace signs before heading home. 

Bali now seems like a distant memory having finally accepted that i have to tackle two group projects, a 4000 word research project and writing essays in another language amongst other things before I could ever return to this beautiful island. I now see why so many Australians are drawn to Bali. I probably can't describe it to you so I'll show you instead. Perhaps it's just the experience of travelling to another world far away from yours, experiencing their culture and not having to think about the stresses of everyday life. I am so grateful to have shared this time with my best friend - we're already thinking up our next big adventure. I tried to compress this into one post but there were so many moments that just sum up our amazing week that I just couldn't decide. Keep your eye out for part dua (that's two in Indonesian).


  1. OMG it looks like paradise!!! I can't wait to travel - I'm going thailand in December. I also am enjoying your little crop top. So sexy ;)

    x Stace

  2. what gorgeous photos! I've never been but bali looks like so much fun x