mad love.

Mad Love knit, Dion Lee Line II skirt, A Dead Coffin Club x Valley Eyewear sunglasses, Isabel Marant sneakers.

My connection with this sweater was instant. Love at first sight almost. M for Mad Love. M for Melissa. How could I not want to hint to the world what my name begins with? (The other 6 letters will forever remain a mystery... Melanie... Michelle... Marni?). And as for these incredible shades from Valley Eyewear who have recently entered my fashion consciousness with their slightly-quirky-but-not-quirky-enough frames with a nod to the era I wish I grew up in, the 80's. Devon said I was chanelling a modern day  Claire Standish, and isn't that all I aspire to be? Let's just say that I applied my lipstick with my cool  and yet embarrassing party trick shall we? (On a side note, has anyone actually attempted that?) Molly Ringwald (another M) was all that in her brat pack days. How I wish she could have stayed sixteen forever and continued to play the stereotypical teen movie damsel in distress. 

Here I am, pretty in pink, feeling accomplished for pairing blush with dusty pink with a retro glass bottle Coke wondering why I'm standing in a playground in a recreational park rather than a local corner store... or even better, detention. Ah Australia and your typically 'Australian' backdrops. Can I say this was intentional juxtaposition?

This was part one of a little before sundown shoot I did with BFF photographer buds Devon + Uppy who are a dream to work with. Part two features more retro inspired stylings among grassy (and by this I mean bush) fields. 

Photos by Devon Hanna. Edited by Uppy Cee


  1. oh gosh these photos are amazing! i love the tone and i really do love your outfit - and your hair looks beautiful!


  2. You look freaking amazing lady! Love the outfit xx

  3. you look fantastic! love the M for Melissa knit, super cute x

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  5. You look so cute Mel! Glass coke a nice touch ;)