images: afterDRK

Still fairly new to the fashion blogosphere, I love coming across new personal style blogs. Sabrina, better know as afterDRK has shot right up the top of my favourite bloggers list (with Style Scrapbook, Gary Pepper Vintage and Song of Style). Sabrina hails from Amsterdam (why is it that all the fashionistas come from the Scandinavian regions?), she's gorgeous and has the most flawless outfit and wardrobe choices. Thus afterDRK has become my 'girl I want to be.' 

These recent outfit posts feature pieces that I have been dying to buy and also inspire me to copy her look with the things I have in my closet. She has this minimalist, clean and chic aesthetic - everything in her wardrobe is solid colours and she stays away from crazy prints. Her style is what I one day hope to achieve. That floral Stylestalker heartthrob shirt looks killer with white shorts and cons. And don't get me started on how versatile low white cons are (I would buy a pair now but I'm considering waiting it out until I go to Japan. They're only $50!). I'm just imagining myself with all these items and actually having the option to work it into an outfit. I find I often plan some ideal outfit in my head (if only I had the money) then have to settle for something less than average. I could really go for those Acne Pistol boots and speckled knit right now. Half this girl's wardrobe is Acne which I am so envious of (it's going to take me a month to save up for Pistols). I wonder if they're cheaper in Europe?

I haven't posted as frequently as I'd like to since I've gone back to uni - I've just been so overwhelmed with all the readings, assignments and semester organisation but I'm going to make it my mission to update this as often as I can even if it's short posts like this. It's my little escape, where I have full artistic and creative control over my content and writing. Stay tuned x


  1. Thank you, that's so sweet of you!

  2. Love her style ! Thanks for sharing it ! Great to discover your blog !