Day 3 of RAFW is drawing to a close and we've seen some amazing collections down the runway so far. I've been following all the action via #RAFW Twitter updates and nightly posts by all my favourite Aussie bloggers. I would give an arm and a leg to be there. Maybe next year...

Sara Phillips is just one of the many collections that's caught my attention this week. I love that she's been inspired by native Australian flora and fauna creating a truly distinct breathtaking S/S collection. The fact that she's embraced something unique to our country and our cultural heritage and turned it into a thing of art and beauty is admirable. Definitely brings out a sense of pride and nationalism.

She has used a fair bit of snakeskin and reptile print throughout her looks (which if you know me you know I'm not a fan of) but I'll let it slide just this once. Instead I'm captivated by the bold floral prints (my favourite being the blue wattle silk dress and shirt) and I'm not talking about your usual vintage floral dress. I love the pops of colour that appear throughout especially with the mustard, tangerine and pink block tops and belts - so on trend with all the colour block happening this season.

She's set up the scene with a huge Christmas tree like centerpiece covered in fauna and flora and you really see how Sara's translated it into amazing silk and sheer pieces. The collection appeals to me in ways I never thought possible - I know most of us tend to reject that outback/ bush image that non-Australians seem to think of us and here I am falling in love with a designer who's based her look on just that. No, we don't have snakes in our backyard and we don't ride kangaroos to school, but whatever 'Australia' might look like to anyone, even us, I would be so proud to show this off to anyone who asks.

Akubra hats off to you Sara. 

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