Trust me to be up at 3am and suddenly remember the kolors video premieres and the new range hits stores today. 

A eerie, mystical, Bill Viola inspired video set to opera creates this kind of otherworldly, chilling atmosphere that had me hypnotised. Although it was nothing more than three skinny models (you get a lot of close ups of their hips and torsos) including 'it' girl Bambi, there was something about it that made me keep want to watch from start to finish. 

Whatever the video was going to look like, everyone knew it would be huge success from the get go. I was just a little disappointed they didn't showcase all the colours. I'm desperate to have a look but there's nothing up yet on the ksubi website.

Coloured jeans have made a comeback and are well and truly here to stay. General Pants better had better stock up.  I'm counting on them.

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