T R E N D I N G // C A B L E K N I T

I've been told to hurry up and post this because I'm spending all my precious study time trawling through pages and pages of blogs to find images for my very first inspiration blog. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I know that my obsession for cable knits (and knits in general) can only be expressed through this collection of images. I am loving the cable knit + shirt with collar combo and the plaiting detail, which is a new take on the standard chunky sweater. I have been told off my boyfriend and my best friend to stop looking for more knits to buy (my latest purchase was a T by Alexander Wang pullover) but I honestly can't get enough of them - in sweater or cardi form, loose or tight fitting. What can I say? It gets cold commuting to and from uni every day, and I need to rug up!