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I am really starting to love these inspiration posts, especially at the moment because I'm trying to procrastinate from my media assignment. Ever since I bought my medium carry-all clutch from American Apparel, I've been taking it out with me everyday, to work, to dinner, to uni. And I'm currently obsessing for more in different sizes and colours. I love that these babies pretty much go with anything for any day or event, and I can just throw all my essentials in it and run out the door. And you'll be surprised how much you can fit in it too (try notepads and work shirts!) Of course I wish I owned a Celine one, but I think the AA ones are just as great (and affordable). They come in so many different colours, the leather is super soft so you can fold it over and carry it a tonne of ways. My tip: buy a colour out of your comfort zone (yes no blacks or greys), it'll really brighten up your winter darks and neutrals!


  1. hahah OMG THE RED CELINE!
    also i just did a clutch post too! freaakyy

  2. i thought you liked the blue one!