putting the street back in street style.

Unpretentious. Understated. Infinitely cool. And dare I say actual street style. While the rest of the fash pack recover from the heavyweight circuit of the fall/ winter runway, Seoul continues the festivities with their own street spin, slipping under the radar of sartorial followers worldwide (and sadly absent from the landing page of style.com - what does that say about the Asian fashion industry?) There's been quite a bit of backlash regarding fashion week street style or Suzy Menkes aptly puts it, peacock-ing. Menkes observes that what happens outside the show has becoming more important than the actual collection itself. Indeed the number of street style photographers stationed outside the venue can only be described as zoo-like (like that scene in Mean Girls where the cafeteria turns into a savannah). When one starts snapping away, everyone  follows so in essence all the media outlets end up capturing the same outfit anyway. The content generated from fashion week seems to be weighted to the street style side of things rather than the runway coverage. 

Alas the true meaning of street style has been diluted, lost amongst the intrigue of the what 'model of the moment', Vogue editor or so-and-so blogger is wearing today and it's usually something borrowed from their designer bud. Street style is meant to inspire, to capture unique perspectives and document unlikely combinations (and not necessarily the most outlandish or most expensive item of clothing you can find). But I find that people are no longer focused on the clothes or the intricate details - it's all about the person who wears them, which is disappointing because that's not normally the most creative or compelling.

I have a love/ hate relationship with Fashion Week. While of course I feel privileged to be able to attend an industry event, I find myself becoming so concerned about how I present myself to the rest of the fashion world and what it's doing to my bank account (yes I did make a couple of big ticketed fashion week purchases). I realise this is somewhat hypocritical but there is an expectation to look the part. And might I just add that fashion week to me is exactly like high school (but doesn't every aspect of life resemble high school hierarchies?).

It seems silly to get all dressed up for the occasion. It is called street style for a reason. Maybe I'm just not cut out for fashion week. Hanging up my heels for sneakers, denim jackets and printed caps. That sounds like my cup of tea.  


  1. Love this post Mel! I think what you're saying is so true. An emphasis has been put on WHO'S wearing the clothes rather than the clothes themselves.
    At the same time I feel like even if you're not a well known face there is a certain formula around being SSS (street style snapped). Street style shouldn't just be about who can wear the most original, outlandish thing, it can still be about simple well put together outfits. I still think the French do understated elegance better than any!

  2. I'm too poor to do expensive label whoring, even if I desperately wanted to. Maybe forcing everyone to pay for everything might give them a bit of a lightbulb moment. But on the subject of Seoul street style - did you see that one girl who looks like a Korean Karlie Kloss? KOREAN KARLIE.

  3. Love your words on this topic Mel! As I said in my post I think that we need to steer to conversation back to the true dialogue of fashion.
    Hopefully I can finally meet you next week! xx

  4. I completely agree with you on this. I think Francesca from Opinion Slave did one similar to this a little while ago. It gets really frustrating as a blogger AND as a blog follower to continuously see the same outfits/concepts appear once a style icon has put it together at fashion week. Not to say that I don't get inspiration for many of my own outfits from them but there's a difference between inspiration and just plain old repeats! I've been loving hunting down those new up and comer bloggers and steering myself away from the top level bloggers - there's still some great, fresh style out there!

  5. Ah Mel it's a hard one... I say don't worry too much about it. Unless you want to be photographed or you feel you need to from a business perspective then it's quite meaningless, isn't it? It's a wonderful feeling - a bit of a pat on the back - but at the end of the day I feel that you don't need a photographer to tell you that you look good or that you're worthy to be part of fashion week... you're there! You are worthy! Enjoy the week, enjoy the shows and most importantly, enjoy getting dressed. Because it's not supposed to be hard work, it's supposed to be the most glorious kind of play! Hopefully see you around / on the mad dash back to usyd hahaha!


  6. excellent post mel. I find myself so bored by fashion week and street style, it's all the same now and not about personal style anymore, just about who can borrow the coolest designer clothes. snooze.