girl stuff. boy stuff.

Bassike layering singlet (that I'm wearing as a dress because I'm that short), Jack's parka from Japan, Isabel Marant sneakers (Photos by Debra Navaratnam)

Girl stuff, boy stuff, girl stuff and don't forget the boy stuff. Does anyone else remember this mediocre animated program that used to air on the ABC right before the 6 o'clock news? Well I took the boy's stuff and made it my own. Who needs boyfriend jeans when you can wear your boyfriend's actual clothes. I couldn't have picked a more perfect day to whip out Jack's impulse purchase from his recent trip to Japan. Hey, if you're having second thoughts I'll gladly take it off your hands. The huge hood was exactly what I needed to shelter my freshly chopped hair from the downpour. 

Speaking of which, I decided to go back to short hair. Some girls have this unbreakable bond with their hair (exhibit a: the girls on ANTM who have a breakdown during the makeover episode) but me, I really couldn't care. Hair is hair. Once I get bored with my look I'll try something else. I've always found short hair suited me more though it makes me look like a splitting image of my mother. Stoked to have a lighter ponytail swinging side to side when I run but I'll have to forgo the beanies and caps for a bit. They don't quite suit the shorter cut. No doubt in two weeks I'll probably complain about how I miss my longer mane and then vow to grow it out for two years (it's a vicious cycle).

Winter is coming (oh yes who else is excited GoT is back to its regular programmed schedule) and I'm already in the process of rebuilding my winter wears. My wardrobe is weighted towards the summer side so I tend to wear the same thing over and over come cold temperatures. I get sick of wearing the one coat, one sweater and one pair of jeans for six months that I have to start again from scratch every time winter comes along. I can tick off two layering knits and one sweatshirt so far but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket, leather jacket, navy parka and bomber. In the meantime I'll just keep stealing Jack's parka. I don't ask for much, do I?


  1. cute gif :) love the parka and your marants they look lovely together!

  2. love the short hair and love that someone else wears the bassike layering singlet as a dress! go the short people! haha

  3. I'm the opposite with winter clothes - I have heaps of clothes for winter and end up wearing shorts and tanks in summer!

    love your short hair, it suits you so well x

  4. I love the stripes! What a cute dress.

  5. Du siehst atemberaubend! liebe die Isabel Marant Sneaker <3