day 4. noo-ay-vah.

3.1 Phillip Lim singlet, Aje sequin skirt, Isabel Marant sneakers, Sabre sunglasses.

I'm probably about the tenth blogger to have posted the I Heart Nueva York singlet in the last month, and here I was thinking that I was tres cool pre-ordering it from Moda Operandi last year after graced the runway in September. Old news Mel. And no, I haven't been to New York before though I've been dying to go since I was five and told myself I'd become a famous actress slash singer. I'm one of those  suckers who have this idealised view of New York (and it being the perfect city for me to live in) purely from having being exposed to it in movies and TV shows. Though I hear it is as good as it sounds/ looks and I have no doubt I will truly heart it whenever I make it there.

After having slaved away in heels for the the first three days of MBFWA (and for what? A bit of peacock-ing that had me going nowhere fast, literally) I decided it was time to stop dressing to please the fashion pack and wear something I wouldn't hobble around in. I returned to my trusty Marants and added a pinch of sparkle with my Aje sequin skirt (which I wore to fashion week last year on day four no less). Feeling a little dressed down for the occasion I went for the top recession-proof product, lipstick (I learnt this week in marketing that lipstick and alcohol are the two products people run to in times of economic crisis) in a vampy dark red. I think I've mentioned before how self conscious I get when I wear lipstick, particularly because my lips are so thick and full but I have since learned to embrace it. The only downside is the lipstick-on-the-teeth problem tends to be a common one for me so please don't be afraid to tell me if you see me.

Lunching at Shortlist Cafe, Redfern. Photos by Christine Ai


  1. Wow! Very impressive! You look amazing as usual, and I love your entire look.

  2. Gorgeous photos, love your sneaker wedges! That food looks delish too :)

  3. you look amazing, I love how you've dressed down the sequin skirt with a tank and sneakers. the red lipstick is the perfect finishing touch.

    and yes NYC is as amazing as it looks in tv/movies! I went 3 years ago and still think every day about when I can get back there.


  4. Love these sunny shots. Makes me long for Sunday brunch

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