backstage at suboo. hyperprism.

Backstage and runway captured by Christine Ai

There's so many hours that go towards designing garments that appear in your peripheral for about ten seconds and a runway show that spans for a maximum of ten minutes. It all seems a bit frivolous doesn't it? Such is fashion and the way the industry works. It's always a treat to be allowed backstage and observe all the prep and finer details that goes towards making the show look seamless from the front.

As much as I appreciated Suboo's directional change, leaving behind their brightly bold swimwear roots in exchange for more monochromatic, refined ready to wear pieces, the minimal hair and makeup look was something I adored even more. While it was all about letting the structural elements of the clothes do the talking, the glowing matte base, stained lips, soft structured brow and bronzed cheeks (they used Kate Moss as a reference image) left as much of a lasting impression as Sue Di Chio's multi-dimensional designs. As did the single lined french braid running down the model's side part which proved a subtle finish, visible only from up close. This is exactly how I would want to look everyday if I had any skill in the beauty department: Flourished and sunkissed. (Appropriate contextual use of my blog name?) That or I had enough money to hire a personal hair and makeup artist like Rachel Zoe does.

Hyperprism (or as I accidentally called it, Hyperparadise - hello Flume in two weeks!) signalled a new era for the label and the Suboo girl. With the sport/ swimwear references peppered throughout as a nod to their roots, the Suboo girl has been stripped back to the bare minimum, through her clothes and her look. This is the way she chooses to make a statement. Focusing on form, optical plays on light, contrasting textures and streamlined silhouettes, Suboo has produced a collection that certainly has the coolness and wearability factor down pat.