swing swing.

Popbasic shirt, Manning Cartell shorts, SXUC aviators, J Crew panama hat, Oroton sandals. 

My faithful panama hat. I built up its title as the perfect accessory for a beach holiday and I couldn't have been more right. Though these mirrored aviators from Sunglasses Shop could give them a run for their money (check them out for some sweet shades from your favourite brands including RayBan, Celine, Miu Miu and Oliver Peoples). Day 1 in Bali was a visit to Waterbom water park followed by picturesque views of a hidden behind the clouds sunset at Potato Head Beach Club from our dinner table. We snapped these up before heading out at our Villa Coco bungalow. But seriously, when was the last time you sat in a hammock? Despite the fact they make your thighs look like leg hams (don't mind me) and are extremely unflattering to get into and out of, our hammock was a great addition to our own little garden. Had it not been for the swarms of mosquitos, sticky humidity or my sweet tasting blood I would have spent more of my time outside swinging my cares away.

I'm back from Bali though not well and truly - currently suffering from post holiday depression while trying to enjoy any last amount of freedom I have before I start my final year of uni. I have a couple more Bali outfits and photo diary posts up my sleeve so you can expect me to be pining over how much I miss that place for a little longer. 

PS. Hair isn't purple, it's just the editing. Though now I wish it was.

Photos by Debra Navaratnam. Girl has an eye for a good shot. Hello new blog photographer!


  1. i had such a babe model, it was hard to not take a good photo yknowwww. plus, we all know (i know) who set the camera up haha
    love youu
    lets go back to bali tomorrow kthnx

  2. gorgeous photos, love the one of you standing in front of the tree :)


  3. love the popbasic blouse! that hat is so cute too x