bain de bouche.

I'm an Aesop-aholic. When I went to restock my mandarin facial hydrating cream the other day, the sales assistant asked what I was using to cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliate in the hopes of giving me some sachets of other products to trial. To her surprise (but not to mine), I managed to reel off all the  products in my cabinet and realised I had something Aesop to combat everything. So you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Aesop to tell me all about their latest venture. Branching out into oral care, Aesop have released a mouthwash that is as good for your mouth as it looks. With delicious traces of spearmint and aniseed upon unscrewing the cap, at the post 30 second gargle mark, the flavour turned to hints of liquorice (though I'm not usually a liquorice person) - but in the best way possible. Made from botanical ingredients (like all other Aesop goodness), the alcohol free formula is gentle on even sensitive gums, leaving the inside of your mouth refreshed and clean. In line with their signature apothecary packaging, a 500mL bottle will set you back a mere $25. The perfect addition to your bathroom vanity (and another product to add to my collection)!


  1. I'm not too big on their skincare after trying some out, which sadly smells amazing but doesn't do any favours for my skin. At least now I have an excuse to keep their pretty packaging around. And it's so reasonably priced!