pumped up kicks.

Bobby Wedge Suede Sneakers (try Matches, Forward by Elyse Walker, Net-A-Porter and La Garconne)

Bobby meet world. After months of debating 'should I, shouldn't I?', pondering the life span of the wedge sneaker trend, I finally committed. After some serious lurking on this Purse Forum thread (highly recommended if you need any help with sizing/ who has stock) and frequenting online stockists daily, I settled on this beautiful Gris/ light grey (it was that or black or cream) which seems to change colour depending on the light. It's part grey, part taupe and part khaki - a combination of all my favourite last season shades. I can definitely vouch for the versatility of these kicks (as can everyone else who owns a pair) and I love that they make me look taller without the pain of heels. 

If you plan on buying anything designer, I'd also recommend Matches who shipped these shoes within three hours of me ordering. I purchased them Friday afternoon and received them Tuesday morning. Although I had to pay for it, I was impressed with the speed, packaging and service with my email enquiries.

Expect a post overload this next week. I've been out of action for the last week trying to spend as much time with Jack before he jets off to Japan for two weeks. I've got a whole bunch of posts I want to get through before I go to Bali next Friday so keep your eyes peeled for an outfit post, product reviews and my personal favourite, packing flat lays!


  1. It took me ages to succumb to my overwhelming need for wedge trainers too, but I gave in & actually love them, agree with the height but no heels pain too, they are fantastic.

    Your choice are beautiful . . . hmmm can I justify a 3rd pair? x

  2. I just love these, I'm so tempted to get a pair too. that colour is just perfect and will no doubt go with everything x

  3. they look super comfy and stylish!
    oh btw what camera do you use, Mel? :)

    1. It's actually the boy's camera. A Fuji Film X-Pro 1. Looks really old school but I find that detailed macro shots and close ups work best with this one :)