two one.

Photos by Jack Loo

o1. Appropriately titled sign 
o2. Caffeine fix @ Workshop
03. Patiently waiting for a table @ Jamie's Italian
o4. The disappointing main size ravioli
o5. Dips and corn chips galore @ Flying Fajita Sistas, Glebe
o6. My mother, the scrapbooking extraordinaire.
o7. Fruit tart obsession continues @ Le Renaissance Patisserie, The Rocks
o8. Banh mi aka the best mini burgers out.
o9. A very flattering photo of me eating prawn toast @ Ms G's

The big two one was last weekend (though it seems like forever ago) and while I can't say I feel I different on the inside hitting the legal age in all countries, I can say I do feel different on the outside. Fat to be exact. Being the type of person I am, one would expect that armed with wadloads of red packets from relatives I'd shop until I dropped but in fact it all ended up being spend on food. Lots of it. It turned into one long food fest (resulting in a food coma by Sunday night) including visits to Jamie's Italian, Flying Fajita Sistas for dinner with my work friends, Le Renaissance Patisserie, Ms G's and finishing with a family Chinese banquet. Having worked weekends in retail for the last two years of my life, my aim was to take advantage of my time off (can't stress enough to you how rare an occurrence this is) and make my birthday as instagram-able as possible for you all. Hope I didn't disappoint.


  1. You didn't! I want to try all those places you visited, I think money spent on food experiences is money well spent!

  2. happy birthday! I thought that pic of the corn chips + salsa looked familiar, I loooove flying fajita sistas!

    I've been meaning to try jamie's italian but that ravioli does look a little disappointing!


  3. Oh man, I've heard *so* many good things about Flying Fajita Sisters - I definitely need to go there now! La Renaissance is one of my favourites too...just looking at that tart makes me hungry hehe x

  4. Happy birthday Melissa! 21!! So young! :)

    Glad to see that you celebrated your birthday by eating.. definitely the way I celebrate mine!! :) That prawn toast looks so good, you're making me hungry!

    Nora Finds

  5. All I noticed on this post is 'I am hungry, crying. Please let me have milk from your breast' HAHA! Your mum is the greatest!