flowers in my hair.

Hey look at me testing out my tripod/ self timer skillz.
Taken on a Mamiya Press.

If you stalk follow me via any other social media outlets, you'll know that I have developed an attachment to this Limedrop headband in the short span of time I have come into possession of it. Not sure I can bear to part with it. Although loaned for my shoot on Saturday, I could easily say I wore it more than the model herself (which has lead to Jack dubbing it my 'stylist headband') - I even wore it to Woolworths earning myself a full on dirty from an old lady walking past. What? A girl can't wear flowers on her head now?

While you can't go wrong with a white dress and floral headband (channeling some serious Lana Del Ray circa Born to Die sans the tigers at her feet), I love the hard/ soft, masculine/ feminine contrast between the Baddies singlet + leather jacket and the white flowers. Just gives it a totally different (or mixed) vibe for those days when you can't quite figure out who you want to be. And on a completely unrelated note I have a theory that wearing flowers in your hair to work quells angry customers. 

Limedrop headband, Mister Zimi leather jacket, Ksubi singlet


  1. bad ass dressed up with feminity!

    perfect combo...

    I see what you mean with the mamiya press camera, the contrast is amaze!


  2. Such a beauty! LOVE your outfit! xxx

  3. Love this head band, especially the mix with sopft flowers and the hard jacket xx

  4. Oh my goodness you are gorgeous! You look amazing. I love your style!!!
    Just pressed follow :D please follow me!!!

    xxx Georgie

  5. I have a soft spot for headbands (even if they make me look like a little girl) and the Limedrop ones are quite special.