aesop addiction.

After 8 bottles and a couple of hundred dollars out of the pocket, it's safe to say I'm a self-confessed Aesop addict. I've never been good with beauty products - I don't possess the patience to test out numerous products based on recommendation and find out what works for me. When I look at The Top Shelf, I see bathroom vanities scattered with an assortment of products from various brands (although I assume some would be gifted samples) and wonder how many years and dollars it took to curate such a vast collection. While some prefer searching high and low for the best of the best, I opt for consistency and continuity with my skin care regime. Discovering Aesop late last year after glowing reviews from the bestie and other bloggers alike, I have yet to feel the need to try anything else. I'm not a good judge of when products work wonders - with my sensitive skin, as long as I don't breakout or resemble an oil spill I'm all smiles. Natural plant based ingredients full of anti-oxidants that are sweet smelling and gentle on the skin - not to mention the minimal aesthetically pleasing packaging. That's all any one could ask for.*

*That and free samples (I wish every beauty brand/ store would do this) every time you purchase something from Aesop (or simply want to try them out). I have enough sample sachets from all my recent purchases to last me for weeks.

Not a sponsored post.


  1. I love Aesop too! I was staying in Hamilton Island when I first discovered their products and as soon as I got home I wanted to kit my bathroom out just like at the resort. They look so good in a bathroom and everything smells so beautiful and natural!

  2. I love aesop!! One of the few products that don't make me break out in an eczema mess! Very jealous of the collection you've developed.