secret south.

Naming a business or a brand is like naming a child. You only get one shot, so you'd better make sure it's a good one. But on the odd occasion you feel like you've outgrown your name, there's always the option of changing it. Secret Squirrel have emerged this season under its new name Secret South. Creative couple Bri Cheeseman and Andrew Prince describe Secret South as 'Secret Squirrel's stylish older sister'. Indeed, the duo have preserved their understated, modern classic feel and minimalist, refined aesthetic that we have come to know and love over the years. Smart tailoring and timeless silhouettes in the form of luxe separates live on in their spring/ summer collection 'Introduction'. 

Every collection weaves a signature print or two throughout (winter being the tessellating tri print and scattered sequins) and this season they have once again collaborated with Elke Kramer to produce  a mix of vintage inspired florals and geometric aztec  - you can shop it all here. They've even added accessories to the lineup, including scarves, belts and clutches (NEED). 

There stands a huge risk when renaming a brand (a huge process in terms of marketing and also the uncertainty of how loyal fans will take it) but for Secret South I feel the transition has been seamless, a natural and fitting process given its gradual growth and maturity of the label. I have had nothing but praise for SS in the past (I seem to constantly be blogging their new collections) and I'm not about to change mind anytime soon. Long live Secret South.


  1. great post! im really interested to see the difference between secret south and secret squirrel.


  2. i really like the softness of the pieces.
    ps. i know, right!? scandinavians are the most stunning creatures ever. and the ones i have met have all been super cute and lovely too. they're just got it all, don't they?! x.