proenza wallet.

Here it is in all its glory. It’s been a long time coming but in the long process of a wardrobe facelift, I have finally gotten around to upgrading my trusty Fossil wallet of three years to a Proenza Schouler (disguised in the form of a 21st birthday present from my parents) and boy is it beautiful - complete with the new leather smell. 

I came across the PS1 wallet at the Opening Ceremony store in Japan at the beginning of the year but didn't have enough money to buy it there and then. In searching for a wallet, I wanted something classic, timeless and recognisable but still unique - ignoring all the standard Miu Miu, Prada, Chanel wallet choices. While I’ve a seen my share of PS1 (and PS11) bags, I’ve seen few in wallet form.

The other day I saw a girl walk past with the tiniest PS1 satchel and cracked a joke about how that’s all she could afford. Then I realised I’m not one to talk. My PS1 isn’t even a bag. But hey, any Proenza is still a Proenza!


  1. I'm so jealous!! Grah I've been wanting a PS1 for years now that it's ridiculous! How much do you think I should earn to justify buying one? :s

    Nora Finds

  2. Adore your wallet! Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm adoring your style too! Following you on BL now

  3. That's such an adorable little wallet!
    And by adorable, I mean cool and edgy and classic and unique.
    But it's still cute :)

    Congrats times a bajillion on getting this cool little thing.
    Your parents must be pretty hip to be getting you a Proenza. Or you just brought it to their attention in a very sly and subtle way. Hahaha :)

    A Proenza is a Proenza!

    The Ace of Hearts