rooftop sunrise.

Zara shirt and heels, J Brand jeans, Molten Relic cuff
Photos by Uppy Cee

Remember when I told you I would never shoot in the morning? Well I take that back. Yesterday morning I sacrificed precious sleep time in my big toasty cinnamon bun of a bed to take these rooftop sunrise photos with my friend and photographer, Uppy. We were aiming for that SoCal rooftop sun drenched feel but unfortunately the closest thing we could find was the rooftop carpark of our local shopping centre. We were greeted by weird stares from gym-goers and retail staff alike and froze to death in the process, but persevered just for you all you blog.

The next chapter in my love/ hate relationship with Zara opens with this dip dye/ ombre blue shirt which I was immediately drawn to while in Osaka. I contemplated purchasing but dismissed it quickly as being too 'hippy'. Big mistake. I couldn't find it in any other Zara I visited throughout Japan and knowing Sydney's track record, knew I wouldn't be able to find it back home. My yearning for the shirt grew stronger after I spotted it on Cheyenne Meets Chanel (I'll admit I often want what others have) and there was one point where I was so desperate I was going to use a parcel forwarding service from Japan and buy it from the online store. Feeling optimistic one afternoon after uni, I walked into Zara and sure enough there it was. And all was finally right in the world.

My posts have been rather didactic lately: trust your boyfriend's judgement, invest your money in staple pieces, less is more. Today's lesson is: buy whatever you like when you're on holiday because a) you're on holiday! and b) in most situations you can't shop/ think like you do when you're at home, contemplate and go back the next day to purchase. You see it, you like it, you buy it.

PS. Hope you like my collab with Uppy. I certainly did so hopefully I'll be shooting with her again sometime next week. You can head on over to her page and check out some of her other work x


  1. omg awesome outfit! i love the bracelet!

    P.S check out my giveaway and win some awesome chic 3D Glasses!

  2. You look gorgeous Mel! That second picture.. too pretty! :) :) Love your cuff, I'm so jealous! I couldn't make up my mind about buying that one so I missed out.. SAD!

    Nora Finds

  3. Melissa!
    It's been forever since I commented on your blog but now just seemed like the right time :)

    First and foremost, you are so freaking adorable!
    I can't believe you and Uppy tore yourselves from bed to take these photos. That's dedication right there and it definitely shows! These pictures are awesome and I love the sunlight...not to mention I would have loved to see the looks people gave you guys :)

    Second, I really really like your cuff and that shirt. I saw the shirt on Cheyenne Meets Chanel too and I reeally wanted it! Too bad I couldn't get ahold of it :( But even if I can't have it, the next best thing is if someone like you has it! As for that cuff, can you just send it to me please? The bright orange pops like nothing else and just makes me smile, even as I sit here longing for food. Yes, you read that correctly. That cuff is so amazing that I'll even forget about food for it! Sigh. The things we do in this world for fashion.

    Third, and lastly (I'll try to end this as quickly as possible), you're awesome. Your didactic posts lately have been quite adorable. I'll definitely take your advice when it next applies in my life!

    Sorry I rambled on and on but I just couldn't help it :)
    Have and awesome day and stay rad!


  4. okay, now i really do want this shirt and white jeans.
    even better that you can wear this in both summer and winter. love it. x.

  5. your didactic posts are endearing! i love the change up in location, I haven't seen many things like this. Hope you are well love.

    B x

  6. This is probably my favourite every outfit AND post of yours Mel, you just look so natural and happy. Must be that early morning start haha ;) You are seriously one of the few people that can wear light coloured jeans and still have amazing looking legs, mine look like sausages if I put on anything even resembling a lighter hue! And of course, Uppy did an amazing job of the photography. Hi Uppy, if you're reading this!

    G X

  7. Love the simplicity of the blouse but it's still so different and eye catching from other items out there.

  8. what beautiful photos, the lighting is stunning!

    haha yes I always try to buy things I like while overseas, if you regret it you can't go back!! xx

  9. Looking gorgeous lovely. Love the pop of colour from that Molten store cuff. Gotta love magic hour for shooting.

    Christie x

  10. This outfit is so divine! I still haven't visited Zara seeming that it opened so long ago haha :S