little things.

Sometimes the finer things (the ones that won't break your bank) in life are all you need to keep you going. Taking one last breath of air this weekend before I dive into the eye of the storm that is semester two. 

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil: Keeping my skin hydrated this winter.
Circa Home candle (from Designer Forum): Spreading the Jasmine & Magnolia fragrance throughout the house.
Karen Walker anchor earrings (from Beginning Boutique): Reminding me to keep myself grounded.
Calvin Klein underwear set (even better when they're on sale): Matching underwear make you feel fabulous even on those off days. 


  1. That is the cutest set of underwear! x

  2. Jasmine & magnolia smell amazing! X

  3. Yep that is Winter in a nutshell! Candles & pretty little things!!

    xx Stace

  4. This is such a gorgeous image! Though, now I feel like going out and buying some nice lingerie (that CK set is so pretty) and candles...

    Anyway, good luck with semester 2 lovely! x