foggy morning.

Secret Squirrel top, Dion Lee Line II skirt (from Desordre), Tiffany & Co. bracelet, Molten Store necklace

You know when something fits you so perfectly you just have to have it regardless of your pre-determined shopping budget? I went into Desordre last week to try on the Dion Lee intersection mini (which sadly didn't make me look ten times as good as Christine Centenera) and walked out with this beautiful tailored skirt that surprisingly fit me like a glove (can we expect anything else from Dion?). Hey, whoever your fit model was for this collection - use her more often!

What was supposed to a picturesque morning sunrise pond/ lake backdrop (complete with ducks and all) ended up looking more like gloomy London. I wanted something special for this particular outfit - it's a little more ladylike than what I'm used to with the sequin print, the blush palette and the cut of the skirt. The weather wasn't in our favour (lighting was a bit of a problem because there was hardly any) and although it didn't quite turn out the way I had planned, the final result looked pretty cool, rather eerie and mysterious from the fog and the muted background. 

I had been extremely obsessed with the Secret Squirrel maximal top in the tri print at the start of the season but gave up hunting one down after none of the stockists bothered to call me back. SS had a flash sale the week and the opportunity (if you can call shopping an opportunity) arose again to make one mine. I thought long and hard and ended up buying the sequin print instead (actually I made Jack buy it for me because I was at work). Passing on signature print of the collection has its perks particularly the wearability and longevity and as Dimitra pointed out, it matches my blog header to a tee. In fact the palette of this outfit matches the colours of my new header... coming soon to a blog near you!

Photos by Uppy Cee (thanks for sticking it out!)


  1. You look so beautiful! That top looks so precious and delicate, I'm digging it!! Love the zipper on the side of the skirt too, loving this look!!


  2. Just too gorgeous!
    I'm loving your skirt, it's perfect <3

  3. I love that top. It's so delicate and lovely. What a great look!

  4. Heyyy there Melissa!
    The way you combined the minimal skirt with the sequinned sweater is super rad!

    That intersection mini is so cool. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like it as much on. If I could get my hands on something like that, I would wear it all day every day, no matter how bad it made me look! Hahaha :)

    I love the atmosphere of these photos. That last one is absolutely stunning! You look like you belong in a magazine or on a postcard or something!

    Oooooh a new header?? I can't wait to see it!! :D


  5. Love the outfit. It's very ladylike but the details (zip, necklace) give it a bit of an edge too. How gorgeous are the ducks in the background? I can't help but love ducks!

  6. I think the photos are gorgeous, I love the lighting.

    what a beautiful top, it sure does match your blog header! x

  7. Love that colour palette on you. That Secret Squirrel print is too cute. Great shots.

    Christie x

  8. this outfit is gorgeous... simple but so lovely
    i also love your top

  9. Ah you look gorgeous. It's like that top and skirt were meant for each other... I love that last shot too x

  10. Those colors look great on you-super soft and pretty.
    Personally, I like the eerie London look. It makes the outfit look more interesting. Nice work.