if i were a boy.

Alexander Wang beanie, Lowry's Farm chambray shirt, Ksubi coated denim, Converse All Stars.

Since you all responded so well to my casual beanie outfit the other week, I thought I'd share with you another one of my every day ensembles. This is what I wore on my first day back at uni yesterday, once again comfort being key. Probably more so because I ended up walking from Glebe to Alexandria and back (about 5km in total) in the morning and up and down Crown St in the afternoon. I'd say putting on my Converse as I walked out the door was the best decision I made (besides skipping the first lecture of semester. Clearly I'm off to a great start). 

These Ksubi coated La Femmes are practically my second skin. Being cropped, they're the perfect length for my short stature and they haven't stretched one bit. It's funny, I wear these about 90% of the time (in fact I'm wearing them right now) and yet in the year I've had them, they've never been featured on the blog. I've always thought that the most simplest of outfits (like the one above) aren't really blog-worthy but I suppose people would rather see what I really wear rather than what I wish I could wear if my feet could withstand a day in heels. Like Alexander Wang said "Anyone can get dressed up and glamourous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are most intriguing." Can't say I'm very intriguing (I'm probably quite predictable), but at least I'm keeping it real?

Photos by Aprilia Love


  1. you look amazing in this outfit:) a perfect choice for uni!

    lots of love xx

  2. So in love with this look!
    Those jeans are perfect, I can see why they're your second skin :)

  3. so today i bought my first pair of ksubi coated jeans and a fresh pair of white connies. this post has made me incredibly happy about my purchases! absolutely loving your blog.

  4. Hey Mel,

    'Long time follower, first time commenter'... Just wanted to let you know how fab I think your blog is! Love it! I've put a few of my friends onto it and they're equally impressed!

    Keep posting!

    Bianca (from hs) xx.

  5. pretty and stylish. lovely pics.

  6. Oh I love that beanie. This is such a cool casual look. It's got some great edge to it!

  7. I definitely think outfits like these are blog worthy! I've always agreed with mr wang's quote, I think casual dressing is just as interesting as when people get dressed up x

  8. Love this outfit! So casual chic!

    Jess xx