beanie baby.

Subtitled striped top, Forever New boyfriend jeans, Nine West boots, Gorman beanie, Samantha Wills bracelets.

This is probably what you're more likely to catch me wearing on a daily basis. As much as I would love it to, going to work, uni or interning doesn't warrant me wearing the nicer items in my wardrobe. Practicality and comfort are key, especially if I'll be spending all day on my feet. Perhaps I've become a little too comfortable with my surroundings and the people in it and not being too self conscious about how I dress. After all you go to work to work, you go to uni to learn. Am I making sense? I think I'm trying to find a more eloquent way of explaining why I wear variations of tee shirt/ knit + jeans everyday. Kid you not I wear my black Ksubi coated jeans about 90% of the time (funny that they've never made an appearance here). I'm not saying that the outfits I've posted aren't what I would wear - I guess the blog is my outlet for being able to 'dress up' for the occasion, a place to express what I would wear if I could.

The boyfriend jeans and Newbury-esque boots combo have been on high rotation of late, a nod to my style icon Rachel Bilson. Pair that with a fail-safe striped tee, throw on a beanie for good measure (and head warming) and voila! Now you know the secret formula to my daily dressing. I wish I could tell you that my wardrobe doesn't purely consist of jeans, tee shirts, knits and Acne Pistols but then I'd be lying to myself. I'm all about simplicity and timelessness in my fashion choices. I hope you don't think this outfit is boring in comparison to the others before it because you'll be seeing a lot more of minimalistic Mel (made that one up myself)

Photos by Uppy Cee


  1. Loving this casual cool outfit Mel and your boyfriend jeans!! Wearing mine right this moment hehe

    cute beanie! Hope you're doing well

    x Lauren

  2. love the beanie and the boots!


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  3. Ahahahaha yeah! I totally know what you mean :P What I wear on a daily basis is so much more boring than what I wear on my blog :P

  4. Loving your jeans!
    They look so comfy :)
    I know exactly what you mean about dressing down a bit on the days you don't do outfit posts

  5. I love those jeans! This is exactly what I would wear to work, comfortable and yet still stylish! I find that I dress up more on the weekends, when outfits posts are taken, and I do dress down a bit to work! I try to show my real style on the blog, but I guess everyone has days where they just dress up more and that is still real!


  6. very cute outfit, love the boyfriend jeans! the beanie matches those boots so well.

  7. absolutely stunning, I love outfit photos of what bloggers 'really' wear.

    I definitely feel the need to purchase a pair of boyfriend jeans now so I can recreate this outfit x

  8. I love the jeans, I've been looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for so long with no luck. X

  9. I love my boyfriend jeans, I have to say I'm all about the comfort too!

    Gems x

    Australian Fashion Review Blog

  10. Oh I love the slouch of your jeans. What a great casual look!

  11. I don't think you look boring at all! I like seeing what people wear everyday, and not just what they wear to special events etc. Anyway, I don't usually like boyfriend jeans but you just wear them so well, I feel like giving them a try too xx

  12. I lvoe your stlye, simple and chic. Really enjoyed reading your blog.
    +follower :)

    Ellie xx