singin' the blues.

 Lowry's Farm denim shirt (Japan) | Joe's Jeans denim | Steve Madden pumps | Ellery sunglasses | American Apparel clutch 
Photos by Aprilia Love

Experiencing deja vu? No you're not going crazy. If you've seen my Monday Muse: Ashley Madekwe post you've probably seen this outfit before. To say I was inspired by her was an understatement. This is pretty much a complete replication (minus the Chanel bag, such a pity). In my defence I had actually conjured up this outfit before her post, only to find Ashley beat me to the chase. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing I can put together an outfit that's good enough for Ashley.

Surprised to see me in a sea of blue? I am. I thought similar shades of the same colour would be an issue, but surprisingly it works. And I didn't even realise I was sporting the double denim. I have grown quite fond of my coloured denim I bought Japan. It's ideal for when I'm in a tee shirt and jeans mood (which is everyday at uni) and I have to resist the urge to wear them repeatedly (can't have people seeing you in the same outfit unless you have different classes!). So far, so good - they haven't stretched and they've kept their original shape. The best part is that they come in 54 other colours. What's that saying? If the jeans fit, buy them in every other colour?


  1. Those jeans fit AMAZINGLY on you! It looks like it may be time to invest in one of those than to get "normal" people jeans and paying tonnes to get them trimmed.

    I'm loving the blue on blue/denim on denim. Looks great! Not to mention I love your Ellery sunnies :) Good investment :)


  2. Love this double denim look! The jeans fit perfectly and look amazing! After seeing your pair and the amazing neon and floral styles at Premiere I think I need to invest in some Joe's Jeans. Love your AA clutch. They are so handy. I want one in every colour.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  3. Great outfit, those colours surprisingly work really well together! Love the clutch, I have the same one! x

  4. adore your outfit!
    you look amazing
    i'm so glad i've found your blog, i really enjoy finding different australian bloggers to follow :)
    now following you via bloglovin!

  5. Oooh, very nice mix of blues!
    Awesome clutch and heels too, you look so chic :)

    Trendy Teal

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