new navy.

Dion Lee Line II top from Desordre | Zara pants and heels | Ellery sunglasses
Photos by Aprilia Love

I'm not sure what it is with my obsession with blue lately - it's the second time in a week I've worn an outfit in shades of blue. Perhaps I'm always opting for it because it's the closest I can get to black? (Never fear, I'm slowly making my way up the colour wheel. My next post features a coral blazer!)

These printed pants are my contribution to the pajama trend. I love the nautical style print (I think they look like tiny buoys) and the loose, yet tapered fit. Perfect for the current pajama climate yet subtle enough to wear once the trend has subsided. Certainly a change from my usual skinny jeans everyday. As for the Dion Lee top, I couldn't go past its unique shoulder detail and collar (certainly a good way to hide my broad shoulders). Dion is truly knows his way around impeccable tailoring, geometric construction and contemporary cuts. 

I purchased the Zara pieces in Malaysia and Japan (you won't believe how much better they have it than us Aussies) - you'd be hard pressed to find something this good in the Sydney store. Time and time again I've been to Zara on Pitt St, hoping to find that 'item of clothing' I saw on an American/ Swedish blogger and it has been nothing but a letdown. I know we're in a totally different season to the Northern hemisphere but that doesn't mean you have to treat Australia like the Zara outlet store! I would feel slightly better if they had an online store that offered shipping here. Anyone else feel like they've been cheated? I sure hope Topshop won't follow in their footsteps. 


  1. ooo I just bought these shoes online!! Seeing you wearing them totally makes me glad I bought them~

  2. adore your outfit!
    loving the sunnies :)

  3. you look stunning Mel, pajama pants and Dion?! You can't go wrong!

    Couture Caddy

  4. I know how you feel! Everytime I go into the Zara on Pitt St I feel like the stuff is a bit outdated and when I come back after a while the same stock is still there? Anyway, I love the unique cut of your top :D

  5. I love Hyde Park! such a nice back drop to such a nice outfit!

  6. Well you can certainly rock the blue shade!
    Haha, you can make monochrome looks so bright and fun. Adore the printed pants.
    Plus, where you shot at is gorgeous! I love the fountain in the background :)

    Trendy Teal

  7. Soo true. I ALWAYS go into Zara looking for things I have seen on the Zara website, and never any luck! Hopefully Topshop will be better and actually have current season stock!

    Grace x

  8. Loving the Dion Lee! Perfect blue shades.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  9. yes! i've walked out of zara disappointed each time, which is a shame.
    i want what the stylish swedish bloggers are wearing!
    i first spotted these pants on this girl on stockholm street style. i've been completely smitten with the blazer and now that i've set my eyes on these pants, i'm smitten with them paired together. if only we had stock like this in australia!

  10. I totally get you hun.I'm from Malaysia and I went to sydney during my holiday.I checked out your zara store on pitt street and completely shocked at how their new arrivals stuff are actually last season in our country and has already been on sale! haha so, do come on over to Malaysia again and shop at our zara.It's only 8 hours flight away;p

  11. I love that top! And the pants of course, I can never go past a printed pant ;) xx

  12. Ooohh cute pants! What a versatile piece!! And that blouse is so cute, love the sort of epaulette shoulders!

    Nora Finds

  13. I hear ya sista! I found Zara in New York amazing and was super excited for its arrival in Sydney, but the quality and variety is average. Very disappointing! Love this look!