pretty in pink.

Banner Banner knit (Japan) | Vintage shorts from Gary Pepper Vintage | Equip bangle | Claire Vivier pochette | Jeffrey Campbell wedges

Pink has never really been my colour. I was a bit of a tomboy when I was little and as I got older, shied away from girly things like floral prints and bright colours. Only recently have I attempted to inject some colour into my monochromatic wardrobe so I thought these GPV shorts would be a good place to start. I really love the versatility of a white knit - the colour makes it appropriate for summer, but being a knit, naturally it's cosy. Call me mad for embracing the knit when we should be savouring our last days of sunshine and no rain but I don't think you understand how deep my love runs for knits.

I've only been back at uni for a week and already I'm starting to struggle. Maintaining this blog has been quite a challenge, especially when it comes to outfit posts. When you and your boyfriend photographer are juggling uni, interning and work 7 days a week, the only time you have to shoot is that 30 minute window after work on a weekend before the sun sets. As a result I've had to recreate outfits I've been wearing that past week. I know that from here on in, things are only going to get busier in my life but I'm making it my mission to update at least 2 - 3 times a week. 


  1. Aw I love this outfit! So simple and stylishhh x

  2. ooh I love those Gary pepper vintage shorts! you should definitely incorporate more pink in your outfit, it suits you well! :) and yeah I know what you mean about having to recreate outfits. Uni's just started again for me too and it's eating up way too much of blogging time! haha looking forward to your next posts, hope you can still update regularly :)

  3. Wheeeeeee I love this outfit! Tell me about finding time - life's getting super busy! I miss seeing your face around, pretty lady! xx

  4. Mel I love the second photo! :)

  5. These shorts are perfect! Adore this outfit and the photos <3
    Haha, and hey, I say embrace the knit whenever you can! It can work for spring nights when it gets cool.

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  6. i've never really liked pink that much but i'm starting to like it more now.
    especially after seeing an outfit like this! :)

    i love how the pink stripe on your little pouch goes with the shorts.
    the sweater looks so comfy and cute paired with the shorts.
    you're not crazy for loving sweaters right now! they're amazing year-round!

    i know what you mean about being super busy...its march madness right now :)
    can't wait to see other outfits you've been wearing lately!


  7. Mel this outfit is gorgeous! Your posts are going from strength to strength! Keep up the good work, hangs are necessary when I get home :)

    -LAURA xx

  8. love your style! you look stunning!