prom night.

Last night, much to my delight, work held a prom night party. Growing up with American television shows, I always wished I had the chance to live out the American high school experience complete with prom, so this was a dream come true. 

 Of course, the dilemma is always what to wear. I considered buying a new dress (top of the list was the Bec & Bridge cloud print shift) but I thought I shouldn’t spend my money on something I would wear once or twice - see, I can be a practical shopper! So I went for the the two pieces sitting in my wardrobe just waiting to be worn: my Dion Lee top (in its full glory) and my Ellery skirt. I didn’t think navy and metallic would be a winning combination but somehow it all fell into place. I’d say I had a pretty banging outfit but my parade was rained on by a girl who wore the sequin fishtail Aje dress... *jaw drops* I know right? 

 My prom night was complete with a corsage (I had to nudge Jack in the right direction), my best friend in a strapless Lover dress, a ride in a Hummer limousine, riding with our heads stuck out of the sunroof and photobooth photos. Unfortunately I didn’t win prom queen so that fantasy will remain unfulfilled - I promise you if I did I would have made some emotional speech like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls,  break the crown and throw pieces out into the crowd. 

 I wish I could have taken better photos for you all to see, but I’m sure these pieces will be making more frequent appearances on my blog. If you’re not already, feel free to follow me on instagram (username: _melissao)


  1. You look amazing! I love love love your top and skirt - ahh you just can't go wrong with Dion Lee or Ellery. But damn, Aje and Lover too? That's definitely a stylin' prom night haha! x

  2. I LOVE your outfit babe! I love the colours and the shimmer of the metallic laced into the skirt! I would love to go to a prom, but at the same time not really because I remember the stress of finding the dress and accessories for my Year 12 formal, oh the memories.

    Maybe you can have a prom night for your 21st, that way you HAVE to be prom queen :)


  3. i adore your outfit!
    the skirt and top are a gorgeous combination and the colours complement each other so well!
    you look sbsolutely stunning
    haha it's always been a fantasy of mine to go to an american high school and go to prom and homecoming :)

  4. you look absolutely stunning!! and honestly, that corsage is one of the most beautiful ones i've seen. very classy!

  5. In love with this ensemble of Dion Lee and Ellery perfection. Looking good! :-)

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  6. you look so great! i love the ellery and dion lee combo. my two faves.
    i've had my eye on this top in the blush tone for a little while now. it's just so pretty.
    it sounds like an incredible night, that's for sure. x.

  7. oh wow this outfit looks lovely,
    great complementary colours, that mustardy skirt is to die for!
    mantenso xx

  8. I love your outfit! It’s definitely wiser to just mix and match your clothes from your recent wardrobe, than buy a dress that you’ll just use once. Anyway, I’m glad your dream prom was fulfilled, even if you already graduated from high school. I wish you were able to share more photos of the limo, the venue, and other photo booth shots. Haha! Kidding aside, I hope you’ll be able to experience being the prom queen next time. Have a great day!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limo Of Indy